What to do when you need a loan till payday?


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From time to time we all get these unexpected bills that are knocking on our door – the car or the washing machine breaks down, an emergency dental treatment is needed or you just came across another good vacation deal – we have to tackle these costs straightforward. What is the option?

The Bank overdraft requires a bank account which means you cannot choose who you are getting the money from on what Terms and Conditions. Not being able to choose results in you adjusting the money you get and the time to pay back according to the bank. Pawnbroker shops are no better; they do not give you the flexibility of option.

Again, it is not about the client and people having the option of what they get for their money. Alas, the Internet is here to help: with reliable payday loan comparison sites such as www.24getmoney.co.uk you can find the option and do it hassle-free. Read the FAQ section if you feel unsecure about the financial terms, browse the companies, compare the APR`s and make an informative choice.
Payday loans are getting more and more popular in the UK and a lot of people in various occupations use them regularly or as a one off. Payday loans (or quick loans and cash advances as they are also known as) are traditionally given over the counter most often in return of a cheque with a forward date to be cashed after the client has been paid or by monthly or weekly instalments. Quick loans are most often used to cover these unexpected emergency costs, to pay bills or rent and offer flexibility to fit any new user.

The biggest advantage of the payday loans if we compare it to the traditional lending practices is that you can find the loan that suits you needs, apply and get funded in less than an hour - literally without even having to leave the comfort of your couch!

More and more people use them every week. The good news is that payday loans are much safer now than ever before, there are plenty of charity and government organizations inspecting lending companies’ activities and our website gives you a pool of choice. Our aim is to give you the option to make an informative choice.

Moreover, companies are now strictly regulated which leads to strong market competition and this means that you can also find good product diversity from one company to the other. With the new regulations from the 1st of April lenders are watched a lot more closely by the Financial watchdog and getting a payday loan is not dangerous as before.

Should anyone consider a payday loan? Compared to overdraft, payday loans are a lot more flexible, can offer various interest, there is less hassle with banks and no queues. Rather than another outstanding bill, payday loans can be paid on the time of receiving with a bank transfer to a forward date. And to top it all, payday loans would not affect your bank rating if repayments are made within the indicated time. Any dipping in your overdraft will stain your bank rating but payday loans are just another transaction, like buying something off ebay.

Paying off your loan can be really convenient. Sometimes unexpected things do happen – something you would love to get on a sale, something you would love to do, something you would love to give or just something that has to be done. For whatever the reason, you could be able to get money easily and safely. Banks do offer money to their clients but payday loans give you the option to choose. You could get a better deal. To get a peace of mind and never worry about paying off your overdraft, use a payday loan you could pay off easily.

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