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Average: 4.9 (7 votes) provides different and transparent financial services. Pawnbroking loans on all types of items of value including jewellery, watches, cars collectables, diamonds and more. Loans up to any amount

Same day Unsecured Cash loans up to £5000.00 Homeowners and tenants welcome. You can apply by using the online form or ringing the company. You can benefit by using the `Get a quote` option and understand how much you can borrow for how long and how much you have to pay back.

Logbook loans. Same day cash loan raised against your car whilst you continue to drive it. This is done in the office of Maxcroft. We strongly recommend our customers to read the Terms and Conditions before applying. You can contact their team by phone or by email if you have further questions.

Representative example: 

Unsecured Loan - Loan £500 interest £200 Total repayable £700 Term 8 months. Representative APR 156% // Pawnbroking loan - Loan £1000 interest 4.5% per month. Interest over term £270 Term 6
months Representative APR 61.29% // Logbook Loan - Loan £1000 interest 7% per month. Interest over term £840. Term 12 months Representative APR 246.32%

Company name : 
Maxcroft Securities Limited
632 Eastern Avenue, ILFORD, Essex, IG2 6PG
0208 518 1828
Representative APR: 
Min. loan: 
Max. loan: 
5 000.00
Max. term: 
1 095
Company type: 
Payday Loan Pawnbrokers
How to apply: 
Cash store
Loan features: 
Same day payment
Bad credit loan
Weekend funds

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