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What is the difference between payday loan brokers and lenders? is a comparison guide, so we do not lend money or act as brokers.
There is a clear line between lenders and brokers and they have very distinctively different roles. In order to understand this better we will look at lenders first, then brokers. As payday loans are on the rise there are a lot of new companies and individuals joining this sector. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has recently been investigating the activities of brokers and tried restricting them. There are numerous concerns about the payday industry nowadays and we will investigate why.

When do you really need a payday loan and how to make a decision how much to borrow?

If you have decided you should take a payday loan you might wonder how much you should take. You should not take too much because that would be money lying around piling interest, and must not take too little because instead of sorting your money issues you would simply owe money without getting a job done. What if you are getting paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly? The size of the loan would affect your budget after next payday so make sure you make an informed decision.

What is the difference between credit cards and payday loans?

If you would like to borrow money, there are plenty of options. If you should consider a payday loan or credit card borrowings, there are things you should be aware of before making a decision. We will look at pros and cons behind payday loans and credit cards in order to help you make an informed decision. Credit cards will be seen as great low-interest flexible borrowings as payday loans are more expensive but a good option as single borrowings. Find what fits your needs!

What is important to know before applying for payday loan online?

Payday loans are on the increase with the aid of technology and many people could get hundreds of pounds within fifteen minutes of applying for their loan, often without even speaking to a member of staff. How confident can we be in an industry with no face and how could we feel secure with online money transactions? Are we getting credit from a licensed company? Are we cyber-safe? What is happening with our personal information? We should look at what users can do to be safe and feel protected when taking online loans.

What are the alternatives to payday loans in the UK?

People are using more and more credit every year and according to the BBC, £1.8 billion pounds could be taken out as payday loans every year. There are dangers but why do people use them as much as they do, what alternatives are there? This article will investigate what alternatives to payday loans are available for everyday customers, such as not taking a payday loans, alternative sources of money, having a mini sale or finding alternatives on the high street such as credit unions.

Who should consider a payday loan?

People who need money quick, hassle-free and are intending to repay them within a short period of time. Payday loans are to be treated as fast transactions – the interest on quick loans is higher than most bank loans but yet again, payday loan is something a bank simply cannot compare to most credit companies.

Good news! Change or regulation from the 1st of April means improved safety for users and lenders! Please read on.

Having credit companies lending money autonomously means that every company does it differently. If a user cannot repay a loan, but is still given one, this results in a spiralling loan where the interest makes the loan mathematically impossible to repay.

However, this is exceptional and did not happen to the vast majority of users even before the change of regulation. Risks as such are now foreseen by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and not by the OFT (Office of Fair Trading).

What to do when you need a loan till payday?

From time to time we all get these unexpected bills that are knocking on our door – the car or the washing machine breaks down, an emergency dental treatment is needed or you just came across another good vacation deal – we have to tackle these costs straightforward. What is the option?