To get a payday loan you need to submit an application at company licensed to work with personal details and give such type of loan. The application process is required by the company to make a decision if you are qualify by their terms.

The applications require personal information, address, phone number, financial information and also bank details to receive the loan.

This is the classic version but it's possible see other required information.

Online Application

The process pass through a website where you submit all your details. It's good to know all of your personal details to submit it in a short period of time. Once the application is done you can expect a call or e-mail to understand what is the result.

License № Representative APR Max. loan Max. term Details
633272 988 300 180 review
630129 1 737 750 31 review
650559 1 734 500 30 review

Mobile Application

The mobile process is the same as the online but you can do it using your smartphone, table or other mobile device. It's a convenient method where you are on the move and don't have enough time to take a seat in front of a computer.

License № APR Max. loan Max. term Details
327551 187 1 000 35 review
0638038 5 558 500 7 review
637962 1 256 700 365 review

Application via SMS

This is also popular in the UK. You can send a short message to specific number and start the process of submitting your details. It's good to read more about the process at each company where you want to submit an application for payday loan via sms/txt.

License № APR Max. loan Max. term Details
624540 1 715 200 30 review
618997 1 272 500 90 review
645934 1 272 1 000 30 review

Apply at Cash Store

This is maybe the most clear process but you need to have time to visit the cash store. By visiting a location next to you everything happens at the store - application, approval, etc. It's better to know which one is the most convenient cash store in your neighbourhood.

License № APR Max. loan Max. term Details
037705 1 144 500 28 review
595211 1 424 3 000 730 review
334154 2 962 1 000 30 review
327551 187 1 000 35 review
282 1 000 545 review

It's good to know that you can submit an application for payday loan only at licensed companies. If you find one without license you need to contact the UK regulator to take action on this.