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What we are?

24getmoney.co.uk is an absolutely free comparison guide, which facilitates the links between lenders, brokers and finders of loans from one side and customers, seeking these types of loans from the other.

We are committed to gathering almost UK financial companies which are providing Payday Loans.

With our user friendly filter you can find within seconds a loan provider, matching exactly your current financial needs. Also our dedicated team researched and collected all the information linked with procedures, types of loans and loans legislation in the UK.

Basically, at 24getmoney.co.uk we offer you a deep view and full understanding of the payday loans market in the UK.

What we are not?

We are not a lender, a broker or finder of any type of loans. Also, we are not a critic nor a reviewer of this specific market. We don`t have these awkward and inconspicuous little prints at the bottom of the webpage or uncertain type of definitions.

We give you facts, facts and facts and tons of information and data so you can have competent knowledge and make qualified choice in the world of loans till next payday.

Our mission

When we started our project we have promised ourselves to give every single consumer the special attention it needs, because we fully understand how vulnerable all we are when it comes to fix those emergency financial needs.

At 24getmoney.co.uk we are about the straight talking and that`s why we are giving you a dedicated place to write a review and share your unique personal experience with a certain company or a website.

You can also rate companies by their support, fast funding and by the final price of your loan. Our idea is to give you a total control in your quest for financial relief.

Actually, we have changed the places on this specific market, with us, you are the important one not the big company.

Everyone knows the common saying that `information is everything` in the modern world. With 24getmoney.co.uk you can have this knowledge and be step ahead in the payday loans market.

How do we support our project?

Our team constantly renews, improves and increases the information on the website with one single aim - to provide you the biggest and most accurate UK payday loans database, but this cost us money.

For this reason we support our website by using affiliate links where is possible. Some of the companies offer affiliates programs, some not. Also we sell advertising space, but this does not affect in any way the the impartiality of the information on our site.

We promise you to keep our foot on the gas pedal, as there is much more work to be done to ensure you safe and light borrowing.

We would much appreciate if you can help us with our project and do not hesitate to contact 24getmoney.co.uk if you have any comments, ideas or reccomendations.